The following is an excerpt from edition 11 of Behind the Dot magazine.

By Sarah Moran, CEO of Girl Geek Academy

There is a huge urgency to place an emphasis on STEM education for young girls. The future of work is rapidly changing and the jobs of our children’s future may not exist even today. Recent stats from the Australian Computer Society (ACS), reveal that females represent only 28 per cent of the ICT workforce (compared to 43 per cent in the wider workforce), and the rate of females enrolling in an IT degree has fallen from 8,627 in 2001 to 3,032 in 2013. By the time talented and high achieving girls reach the age of 15, most have dismissed the notion of pursuing an ICT career. For that reason, it’s critical that we arm our girls with the technical skills necessary to, not only compete in the future jobs space, but to be leaders who have access to the same pay scale as their male equivalents.

Here are my five tips for parents to get their girls into tech:

  1. Start them young
  2. Teach yourself
  3. Embrace their creativity
  4. Embrace their femininity
  5. It’s important

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