Understanding the Australian Internet User

In April this year a month long survey was completed aimed at Australian Internet users, primarily those that interact with the .au ccTLD. The survey, a joint initiative of AusRegistry Pty Ltd (AusRegistry) and .au Domain Administration Ltd (auDA), is an abridged version of a major survey conducted in 2013 which was designed to benchmark the .au namespace.

The survey results supported key learnings from the 2013 survey as well as identifying shifts in user behaviour, attitudes and domain holding. New insights were also gained and are presented within the survey’s report.

The survey findings differed amongst the various populations of respondents. These populations are identified as:

  • General respondents and Industry respondents.
  • Holders of a domain name and non-holders of a domain name.
  • Holders of a .au domain name and non-holders of a .au domain name.
  • Those identifying a potential need for a domain name and those without a perceived need.
  • Notable differences existed between the various populations however there were some similarities across the populations which are elaborated further in the body of the report. These include:
  • Australian Internet users are security conscious.
  • Two thirds of respondents are more likely to trust a website ending with .au.
  • The majority of respondents interact with the .au zone because of its connection to Australia.
  • The majority of respondents holding .au domain names find the registration process easy.
  • The majority of respondents holding .au domain names believe there is the right amount of regulation in the .au zone.

When comparing the 2014 survey findings to the 2013 survey findings, it was revealed:

  • Number of females holding domain names has increased overall.
  • Number of General respondents holding domain names has increased.
  • Number of respondents holding .au domain names has increased overall.
  • Business websites continue to be the main use for a .au domain name.

Data collected from this survey delivers valuable insight into the current sentiments of Internet users in Australia. This information contributes to the development of key technical and policy implementations and provides important feedback in relation to the performance of both AusRegistry and auDA.

The complete set of survey tables summarising all survey results are available to organisations wishing to examine the survey findings in greater detail. The survey tables can be requested by emailing info@ausregistry.com.au

To provide feedback or comment on this report, please email info@ausregistry.com.au with the subject heading ‘.au Survey 2014’.