The Background

There have been a number of international incidents of unauthorised domain access occurring at Registries and Registrars of TLDs other than .au recently. This has led to unauthorised changes to delegation details of some high profile domain names. and are such examples of high profile names that have been subject to unauthorised delegation detail changes resulting from unauthorised access.

The same threats are regularly leveled at Australia, and rather than be reactive we are taking the proactive step of guarding the key digital assets of .au domain name holders who are looking for complete peace of mind.

The Solution

Introducing .auLOCKDOWN, a security measure for .au domain names that provides an added level of security for domain name Registrants. Domain names are locked at the Registry level, and changes are only possible through direct communication between the Registrar authorised contact and the Registry, by following a strict authentication process.

This service creates a layer of protection that goes beyond the security of an account management interface to the server level, protecting your domain’s brand and reputation. By locking names at the server level with the Registry, your domains are protected from unwanted modifications, transfers, and deletions.


An additional barrier of defence against malicious behaviour.


Telephonic validation service that supports our existing online defence.


The industry’s strictest possible authentication process.

.auLOCKDOWN Customers

While available to all .au domain name owners, those that will benefit most are those whose domains receive high traffic volumes, have a significant eCommerce platform, store sensitive State or Federal Government information, or store significant volumes of personal data.
For further reading please view our FAQ section, for further support please contact your Registrar of choice and ask about .auLOCKDOWN today.

Interested in .auLOCKDOWN?

If you are interested in adding .auLOCKDOWN to your domain name, please contact your .au Registrar of record.

Below is a list of participating Registrars.

Domain Directors Pty Ltd trading as Instra

MarkMonitor Inc.

CSC Global

Melbourne IT Ltd

Smarty Host

Net Logistics Pty Ltd

PlanetDomain Pty Ltd

Safenames Ltd

TPP Domains Pty Ltd trading as TPP Internet

TPP Wholesale Pty Ltd


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