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AusRegistry is the custodian of the technology that powers Australia’s home on the Internet, the .au domain namespace. We’ve been entrusted to operate the Registry for all commercial domain names such as and, and non-commercial domain names like and Our sole purpose is to ensure the .au Registry flawlessly performs its role as a mission-critical, essential service infrastructure asset for Australia’s digital economy.

Behind the Dot – State of the .au Domain: .au Market Data

4 May 2015: Edition 3 of AusRegistry's Industry Report Behind the Dot - State of the .au Domain includes a feature article, '.au Market Data', that reveals the findings from a .au web crawl conducted by Dataprovider – a company that indexes the web and structures its data. The insights gained from almost 1.4 million [...]

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Behind the Dot – State of the .au Domain: Search and Domains

2 Feb 2015: The second edition of AusRegistry's Industry Report Behind the Dot - State of the .au Domain explores the relationship between Search and Domains, principally how that has changed and evolved over time. The feature story includes contributions from industry experts and businesses operating in the area of Search and Domains. The quarterly [...]

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Behind the Dot – The State of the .au Domain

Behind the Dot - The State of the .au Domain, is the first in a series of quarterly Industry reports produced by AusRegistry. Behind the Dot deviates from typical domain reports, with a reinvigorated approach to reporting domain statistics and industry related information. The magazine style publication presents an array of .au facts and figures (some [...]

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.au Survey 2014

Understanding the Australian Internet User In April this year a month long survey was completed aimed at Australian Internet users, primarily those that interact with the .au ccTLD. The survey, a joint initiative of AusRegistry Pty Ltd (AusRegistry) and .au Domain Administration Ltd (auDA), is an abridged version of a major survey conducted in 2013 [...]

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.au Survey 2013

Establishing a baseline for the .au namespace AusRegistry and the .au Domain Administration (auDA) conducted a survey (22 Feb – 31st May 2013) involving the Australian public seeking their feedback in relation to the .au namespace. The purpose of the survey was to profile the .au user, specifically their online behaviour and interaction with the [...]

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Economic and statistical analysis of the .au domain range

Since 2002, AusRegistry has contributed towards .au’s global reputation as a leader in the field of ccTLD development, technical innovation and marketing. To uphold this level of achievement, AusRegistry requires a rich understanding of the Internet user, particularly the Registrants that operate within the .au namespace. AusRegistry’s investment and commitment to research provides vital information [...]

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