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AusRegistry is the custodian of the technology that powers Australia’s home on the Internet, the .au domain namespace. We’ve been entrusted to operate the Registry for all commercial domain names such as and, and non-commercial domain names like and Our sole purpose is to ensure the .au Registry flawlessly performs its role as a mission-critical, essential service infrastructure asset for Australia’s digital economy.

Registrar Executive Day 2015

At AusRegistry, it is important to us to continue sharing valuable experiences and knowledge with our wide network of Registrars. The Registrar Executive Day is one such experience: a chance to connect face to face and expose key Registrar executives to best practice that will empower you to grow and maximise your business. The Registrar [...]

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Behind the Dot – State of the .au Domain: .au Market Data

4 May 2015: Edition 3 of AusRegistry's Industry Report Behind the Dot - State of the .au Domain includes a feature article, '.au Market Data', that reveals the findings from a .au web crawl conducted by Dataprovider – a company that indexes the web and structures its data. The insights gained from almost 1.4 million [...]

By | May 4th, 2015|Behind the Dot, Research|

AusRegistry and auDA launch the 2015 .au survey

AusRegistry and .au Domain Administration (auDA) today launched the 2015 .au survey in an ongoing commitment to understand the Australian Internet user and their relationship with the .au domain namespace. The .au survey is the third in a series of yearly research campaigns that examines Registrants of .au domains as well as those who interact with [...]

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Q&A with Jim Stewart, CEO of Stew Art Media

AusRegistry’s Michael Korjen speaks with Jim Stewart, CEO of StewArt Media, a leading Australian Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) company. Michael Korjen: Thanks for your time today Jim. Can you tell us why SEO and search is so important for businesses online? Jim Stewart: Today, when people want to find a business or service they don’t [...]

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Case Study: From SEO to SEM

Jonathan Leane is the founder and Chief Marketing Officer at Alternative Media. Jonathan manages one of Australia’s leading life insurance and health insurance comparison websites under the exact match domain names and “Our business used to be purely an SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) business model. Unfortunately this meant we were hit really hard [...]

By | February 19th, 2015|News|

Search And Domains

Of recent times the topic of domain names and their relationship to website search has prompted a number of differing opinions. At one end of the spectrum we find businesses that promote the benefits of exact match and key word domains as an integral part of their search strategy and at the other end of [...]

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Information Brokers becomes newest .au accredited Registrar

As .au domain registrations approach the 3-million mark, Melbourne-based company Information Brokers has become the newest accredited .au Registrar, receiving accreditation approval from the .au Domain Administration (auDA). Among a suite of business search, intelligence and registration services, Information Brokers will now be able to sell .au domain names to the general public. This approval [...]

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‘Behind the Dot: State of the .au Domain’ report examines the relationship between Search and Domains

Over the last 18 months, changes to Google’s search algorithms have caused many to re-evaluate their domain name portfolios and Search Engine Optimisation strategies. While early reports indicated Google had reduced the importance on domain names in SEO ranking, recent data now indicates that exact match and keyword domains have once again become a prominent [...]

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Behind the Dot – State of the .au Domain: Search and Domains

2 Feb 2015: The second edition of AusRegistry's Industry Report Behind the Dot - State of the .au Domain explores the relationship between Search and Domains, principally how that has changed and evolved over time. The feature story includes contributions from industry experts and businesses operating in the area of Search and Domains. The quarterly [...]

By | February 2nd, 2015|Behind the Dot, Research|

New report reveals insights on .au domain names

Almost 50 percent of all .au domain names are between nine and 15 characters in length, while New South Wales claims the honour of the state with the largest number of .au registrations, according to a new report published by AusRegistry today. The report – titled Behind the Dot, The State of the .au Domain – [...]

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