Welcome to the 13th edition of Behind the Dot. This month, we’re pleased to bring you the results of our annual .au survey. Now in its 31st year, .au is still the leading choice for Australian businesses, even with more Top-Level Domains than ever to choose from.

We surveyed more than 1,200 respondents across the country to understand what .au means to residents. Our 2017 wrap-up sheds light on why .au remains, by far, the extension of choice. We also delve into how Aussies are using the internet, what they’re doing once they’re online, and who holds a domain name.

Our Editor in Chief and Senior Director of Product Management, George Pongas also takes a closer look at why .au continues appealing to businesses, whether they’re in the start-up phase or established names. The .au namespace conveys a connection to Australia, and businesses are leveraging it not only for their websites, but across other platforms, including ever-important social media. Using the extension builds a connection with Australian customers that other domain name extensions haven’t been able to replicate.

Proving just how supportive our start-up community is, in this issue we chatted with Chloe Blattman, the founder of RagTagd, an innovative young business that connects parents with their children’s lost school items. Chloe attended a start-up program run by ELEVACO, whose founder Marisa Warren was featured in the last edition of our magazine. In just three weeks, Chloe honed her skills and made connections that have helped her not only successfully launch RagTagd, but see it expanding internationally. I think you’ll find her story inspirational.

Finally, we take a look at what auDA is doing to combat the rise in unauthorised business use in .au domain name registrations. auDA has implemented a three-step approach to target websites preying on customers and so far, the strategy is working.

I’m pleased to present this issue of Behind the Dot. I hope you’ll find the survey information useful. As always, we welcome your feedback. Thank you and enjoy this issue.