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In edition 7 of Behind the Dot, the .au channel was asked:

In your opinion, what is the best use of a .au domain name in a marketing campaign?


Tyron Ball – General Manager, Asia Pacific, NetNames

What many campaigns lack these days is a tangible link between the offline campaign and the online experience that is completely measurable, this is evidenced through marketing using a search box as a call to action. .au domain names are an underutilised weapon in many marketing activities, prospective marketers should always consider registering their campaign tag line as a .au domain name to optimise user experience and campaign conversions. One of the best examples of this is For any marketer looking to create a memorable link between their marketing campaign and their website registering and campaign tag line as a .au domain name is a must.

Louise Lentino & Josephine Bradford, Marketing, Instra Corporation

Choosing to use a .au domain name in a marketing campaign is the obvious choice because of the trust that .au resonates with online users. UBank, an internet-centric direct bank has been very clever with their award-winning marketing campaigns, which prominently feature their online presence at  From TV Ads about skaters back in 2010 with a message to the younger generation about saving, a humourous advertising campaign in 2011 about annoying habits, to their most recent campaign the ‘All I need project’. UBank, a division of National Australia Bank now has over 100,000 customers. Examples like this have proven that the use of a .au is a secure, trusted and memorable way to ensure success within a marketing campaign.

Johnathan Horne, CEO, Leading Internet Solutions

I think the best case would be Commonwealth Bank’s ‘CAN’ campaign. At the time it was rare to see the big banks deviate away from their core domain name, but having a dedicated domain meant CBA could accurately measure the return on investment for that specific campaign spend.

An important part of a campaign that size is the traffic bleed you get on aggregators such as Google. With the market searching for ‘Can’ or ‘’, the cost to protect this traffic with AdWords was a third of the cost to purchase keywords associated with ‘CBA’ or ‘Commonwealth Bank’. CBA has shown having a unique domain as the call to action for each campaign can be a smart move.

I think a lot of businesses are starting to understand the benefits of owning short, brandable domains and how they can be used for marketing campaigns in conjunction with their core brand.

Read more about .au domain names in the marketing mix in edition 7 of Behind the Dot: State of the .au Domain.

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