What is one thing ICT companies could do to encourage greater gender diversity in the industry?

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Olivia Cain – Head of Business Development, NetNames Group (London)

One thing that ICT companies can do is to use communication more effectively. This can be addressed in two main ways; firstly to provide spokespeople to communicate externally on behalf of the company to discuss working in the industry and secondly to provide mentors within the company to nurture new starters once they join.

Liz Keys – Domain Manager, Discount Domain Name Services (DDNS)

Mathematics forms such an important basis for working in ICT fields. Programs to encourage greater participation by girls in mathematics at a young school age would help reinforce these vital skills and hopefully increase interest and participation in these areas at a tertiary or career level.

Janelle McAlister – Manager, Global Relations, MarkMonitor

We could point to changing the education system to boost female IT skills but perhaps if more of the corporate tech sector overhauled its employment strategy, we may see more progress. For example, businesses could offer training programs to unemployed women or mothers wanting to return to the workforce. There is no gender balance magic wand. However, if more of the larger organisations in the sector took the lead and started actively recruiting women, offered more in terms of training and flexible working hours – that would be a step in the right direction to increasing the numbers and representation.

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