This year .au celebrates its 30th birthday, so as we look forward: to plan for the years to come and future proof this valuable digital asset we thought it is the perfect time to for a makeover.  We want to best reflect the trust, brand loyalty, maturity and recognition .au has built over time, and graphically represent this with one new and modern yet immediately recognisable, sleek brand.

We’re proud to introduce the ‘new look’ .au branding.

.au logo

How did we come up with the new look?

The new .au second level logos include the seven-pointed star in place of the ‘dot’. The star is reminiscent of that on the Australian flag, and using it for the .au logo reinforces a sense of inclusion and the fact that .au is a namespace for all of Australia. Including this call back to our flag also strengthens the sense of national pride and a connection with this to .au. We like to think our new logos represent “Made in Australia” online, both for Australians and to the rest of the world.

It’s important to remember that while .au has a new look, the ongoing security and stability of the .au domain namespace has not changed. Rather .au’s public face is now more reflective of the mature brand it has become over the last 30 years.

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