AusRegistry celebrates Girls in ICT Day with five-year-old coders

International Girls in ICT Day is a global initiative designed to inspire, empower and encourage girls and young women to improve their skills and consider careers in the fields of Information and Computer Technology. As a future-minded technology company, AusRegistry of course sees enormous value in increasing the diversity of our industry in order to [...]

By | May 9th, 2017|News|

Code the Future: is coding simply child’s play?

In classrooms across Australia, hundreds of students are happily working away at a task that would frighten many adults: coding. Brought out of the realm of extra-curricular activities and into every day teaching by the new national Digital Technologies Curriculum, coding is fast becoming a must-have skill and a favourite among students as young as five.  The birth [...]

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Inside a hackathon

Whilst the term seems relatively new, hackathons have been around since 1999. In the world of technology that equates to a lifetime. A portmanteau of the words "hack" and "marathon" – ‘hack’ used to refer to collaborative programming – hackathons bring together likeminded technologists for short,intensive periods with the typical objective of creating innovative software (or in [...]

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