Today there are more choices for your business than ever before. Take the time to discover the different options available to your business in the and Top-Level Domains.

Quite simply a or domain name is the best way for Australian businesses to be represented on the web! and domain names offer instant recognition in the corporate world.

Is there any distinction between a and domain name? Do they mean different things for my business?

There is no real distinction between a and a domain name. The policy determining eligibility for both names is identical. Previously was recommended for Information Technology businesses; this can still apply. For instance, if your business has a technical component you may choose to register a separate technical domain name in the namespace.

For instance:

AusRegistry, the Registry (wholesale provider) for,,, and, has a general website that contains public and corporate information located at:

They have also registered a technical website located at:

Some businesses may choose to register a domain name if the version of their name is unavailable and vice versa.

Also, many businesses register a and version of their company name, products, profession to protect their branding. This helps eliminate confusion in the marketplace if someone else happens to register the same name in a different namespace.

Do most businesses have more than one and Domain Name?

Absolutely! An Australian business can register as many derivatives of their business name or create separate Domain Names for their associated products as they desire. They may even wish to register the profession in which they practice. Clever businesses use Domain Names to advertise, creating innovative campaigns or their brand and/or products.

For instance:

Jim’s Hardware and Supplies Pty Ltd may register as their General

They may also register a generic term and forward it to their general

What is less known about Jim’s Hardware and Supplies is that they specialise in hammers. So in order to attract a previously untapped market and boost their profile in the hammer market place, they decided to register a specialty or

If Jim’s Hardware decides to advertise their hammers they might run a campaign called and effectively use the link to direct potential buyers back to their website.

Who is eligible for a and Domain Name?

All Australian businesses, whether a company, business, registered body, owner, applicant of a registered trade mark or simply own a registered business name are eligible for a and Domain Name. You can get as many as you like.

The eligibility policy which underpins the and Domain Name can be found on auDA’s website.

How do I register a and Domain Name?

Simply click here to get your own and

This will send you through to a choice of Registrars who will guide you through the registration process. It’s that easy!

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