By registering an domain name Australian individuals are fully represented on the web. A domain name enables individuals to create a personal email address that can follow them anywhere and remain theirs for life*. Equally, it enables them to set up their personal website or a blog.

*Licence renewal is every 2 years

Why should I register an domain name?

A domain name indicates that the Registrant is Australian and an individual.

By registering a domain name the Registrant will reserve their own personal place in the virtual world.

For instance:

If your name happens to be John Green you may want to register: If is taken you then may be able to register a variation of your name, such as: or even a personal name by which you are known,

Naturally, this will allow you to set up an email address to suit, such as:,,

Your name becomes your very own email address!

If I already have an email address why should I register an domain name?

Registering an domain name affords Australian individuals many opportunities.

Most significantly, once set up as an email address, your domain name can follow them anywhere. For domain name owners, an email addresses does not depend on their geographical location or service provider. The your email address will be the virtual address they keep for life.*

A domain name will also enable the Registrant to host their own personal website or blog. It is the perfect way to stay in touch.

* Licence renewal is every 2 years

How do I register an domain name?

To be among the first to register an domain name simply click here to get your own  This will send you through to a choice of Registrars who will guide you through the registration process. It’s that easy!

Looking to register a .au domain name?
Visit one of the auDA accredited Registrars.


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