This article first appeared in edition 9 of Behind the Dot magazine. Read the full report by downloading the magazine now.

In the lead up to our Girls in ICT Day breakfast in April 2016, AusRegistry conducted a survey to gain insights into themes surrounding women in technology, barriers to women entering these fields and actions that can be taken to address the issues. The survey was completed by women from a variety of industries and sectors including technology, business, innovation and startups, legal, education and government.

The survey was designed to gather input from this group in order to inform actions and initiatives that can be undertaken by AusRegistry to contribute to positive change in this field and encourage greater diversity in STEM fields (science, technology, engineering, mathematics).

What the survey asked:

  • What is one of the best aspects of working in a technology role or the technology industry?
  • What is one characteristic or quality that prepares you well for a career in the technology industry?
  • In what ways could the technology industry benefit from greater gender diversity?
  • What do you see as the greatest barrier(s) to girls’ and women’s participation in technology studies and careers?
  • What is one thing the technology industry could do to support greater diversity?
  • An authoritative survey of over 10,000 people conducted in 2013 indicated that of almost 3 million .au domain names registered, only 30% were held by women. AusRegistry questions whether this indicates fewer women having online businesses supported by an online domain name. What is one thing that could be done to address this disparity?

The responses have been summarised in edition 9 of Behind the Dot magazine. To read the report, download the magazine now. Edition 9 also featured an interview with Startup Victoria chief Georgia Beattie as well as the annual .au survey report.